National Grange Poster – Primary Source

In our class discussion of the National Grange and the history of the organization, I could not help but notice the detailed and attractive promotional poster titled “Gift for the Grangers.” After the Homestead Act was passed in 1862 to encourage the settlement of Western regions of America, farming became the dominant profession in the 19th century America. To attract farmers and encourage unity of farmers, the National Grange formed in 1867.  The promotional poster “Gift for the Grangers” depicts images of many of the Americana symbolism of farmland and agriculture reminiscent of the late 1800s to promote an organization to bring the community of farmers together in America.

What grabs my attention initially about the poster is the balanced layout, vibrant colors of detailed farm life images, and has a ‘fun’ theme perception about the work of farmers.  The center of the poster portrays a young, brawny, fit farmer and the background portrays the ranch land with traditional farm animals such as chickens, horses, cows, fences spread over a pasture of land.  The four corners of the poster portrays paintings of family, sharing, community, dancing, and festive theme about the organization.  However, the most interesting aspect about the poster is the frequent presence of women throughout involved in all the activities of farming.


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