Flappers – Trending into 21st Century

Reading the series from the Smithsonian Magazine on the history of Flappers of the 1920s, I find it interesting that most of the trends that are synonymous with the Flappers have continued nearly 100 years later.  As women became more independent, liberated, gained more rights, had disposable income, and moved to urban areas, the free spirited generation of women referred to as Flappers began to embody the roaring twenties.  The Flappers typically were portrayed as young middle class women, short hair, wore makeup, short dress, stockings, freely partied and drank, and rebellious in ways against the grains of traditional women in the 1920s.  Although long hair has trended back to popularity since the 1920s, all the other characteristics of Flappers have continued to be adopted in modern American women’s culture; even trended to the utmost extreme spectrum of rebellion.  The trend of Flappers not only changed the cultural traditions of women in America, but also in the Western cultures of Europe, Asia, and many countries around the world.  The exception of possibly Middle Eastern culture, which still holds a very conservative and traditional view of women.


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