Nuclear Arms Race: Prediction or Inevitable?

The 1945 document by the Association of Manhattan District Scientists outlying the numerous dangers of the nuclear weapons and possible suggestions to protect against such outcome is true, but unavoidable.  The scientists critique that the secrecy of the nuclear technology should be exposed since other scientist will eventually uncover the technology is true.  However, their iteration that the secrecy will ultimately lead to an nuclear armament race seems was going to be inevitable, regardless of secrecy or not.  Whether the secret of nuclear technology is secret or public information may be relevant in the how fast other nations create this capability, but the correlation of secrecy to the armament race seems little exaggerated.  The nuclear arms race during the Cold War was primarily between the United States and Soviet Union.   I find it very unlikely and unrealistic the Soviet Union would not have developed nuclear capability despite all the “secrecy” the United States may have attempted.  The development of new weaponry or warfare technology of any type, will inevitably lead to an arms race by nature of one nation wanting to control it’s power.  I don’t believe the non-secrecy of such technology would have resulted in avoiding the Cold War and the advancement and tension that arose as a result of nuclear weapons.


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