Vietnam War – repeat in Middle East?

The Vietnam War proved to be an unpopular and possibly an unnecessary war in U.S. history.  The objective and the strategy of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam initially was to stop the threat of communism of North Vietnam into South Vietnam.  However, what resulted was death of 20,000 more American soldiers in four years after President Nixon had a plan for U.S. to exit the Vietnam War.  In addition, the U.S. had entered into Laos and Cambodia to fight what was supposedly to stop Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese.  In the final year of U.S. withdrawal in 1972, Vietnam ultimately fell to communism in 1975.  Ironically, similar scenario seems to be occurring in Middle East today.  Since the Operation Freedom and war on terrorism since 1992, the U.S. has been involved in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and other territories in Middle East.  However, what exactly is the end objective for the involvement of the U.S.?  Stop terrorism or interest of rich oil lands?  If global terrorism is the objective, then it would seem the U.S. also would need to fight in Britain, France, Africa, Germany, Belgium, Syria, Australia,  and every country around the globe where terrorist attacks have occurred in past 20 years.  A fair argument could be had that the current era of U.S. involvement in any war is solely for political and economic interest.


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