President Nixon – Accomplishments?

Reading the articles on the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s second presidential term in 1972, would indicate that the only infamous highlight of Nixon’s presidential career was the impeachment hearings which ultimately led to his resignation as President of the U.S.  But didn’t Nixon serve 4 years before the Watergate scandal?  Indeed he did, and during his first term in office, Nixon implemented the lottery draft system to equalize all men to serve and not just the poor and minority, he introduced Vietnamization to have the South Vietnam help fight the Vietnam war with the support and training of the U.S., his foreign policy initiatives which included engaging in diplomatic talks with the Soviet Union and China during the tension Cold War era, and very importantly brought an end to the unpopular Vietnam War and withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.  Unfortunately, despite having some accomplishments during his presidency, the first and possibly the only fact by some people when asked about President Nixon, will be the Watergate incident.


One thought on “President Nixon – Accomplishments?

  1. It appears Nixon had his own agenda. And all the things he got caught red handed proved that. All in all, an obvious conclusion is, he was done. He was tired. He just gave up and wanted out because of his anguish and lack of self-control from constant fight picking from outsiders. And his inner circle became himself. Maybe he just needed a vacation? And then again, he might have not been the right person from the beginning. He might have been hiding behind a narcissistic persona his whole presidency. Obviously, something was going on because he did not run the race. His demising may have copped him out.


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