Rise of Personal Computers

I enjoyed the article on the rise of personal computers and the history of the internet.  I grew up in the generation prior to the computers, and recall having a color monitor was huge progress. From Atari to 3-D animation, 256k memory to Terabyte, bulky desktop to razor thin tablets, car phones to smartphones.  The advance in technology of personal computers in past 20 years is rather astounding and amazing to say the least. Now, I ponder in the next 20 years where technology will lead us.  From ideas of virtual reality, self driving cars, flying cars, robot workers, maybe even colonization in other planets are not only within the possibility, but reality sooner than later.  However, with such quick advancement in technology, I do fear one thing that may seem more of a paranoia seen in sci-fi movies, that is will humans ultimately be replaced? Maybe the idea seems far fetched at this point, but if society spends more time talking to cell phones and tablets than each other, maybe we are almost there.


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