Primary Source: FDR – Declaration of War

In reading the Declaration of war to Congress by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, what is interesting to me is the mention of war against Empire of Japan only.  The justification for declaring war against Japan does mention the attacks in the South Asia islands like Guam, Hong Kong, and Philippines, as well as the attack of Pearl Harbor.  There is a strong emphasize by President Roosevelt in highlighting the offensive attacks by Japan in the Pacific and the presence of peace talks with the U.S. only few hours prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Although the letter has a tone of immediate and urgent action for U.S. to enter into WWII, I am reserved in opinion on the knee jerk reaction by FDR after the Pearl Harbor attack.  Instead of immediately declaring war, I wonder if much discussion was had regarding the effects, consequences, extremities and casualties, and the conflicts among the other Axis nations that the U.S. would face by entering the war. History may reflect the U.S. entry to WWII benefited the U.S. economy, advance in  technology, global presence and dominance, and the respect of our military strength with the development of the atomic bomb.  However, I am not certain that the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths would justify the U.S. reaction to Pearl Harbor attack, especially the final blow of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in tens of thousands in innocent deaths.